Speech Language Groups

  TheraPlay was the obvious next step for Ethan. We enrolled Ethan in TheraPlay as a supplement to his individual therapy sessions and his language skills just took off. It was the perfect environment – small and structured – to give him a chance to use his new found skills with peers. 

Casey J, mom of Ethan (age three)

Speech Language Groups


TheraPlay is a language based therapy group that focuses on building language skills through social interactions between peers.  We target your child’s individual needs with a multi-disciplinary curriculum in a small group setting.  The program is highly structured with an array of carefully planned activities targeting social skills, speech and language development, pre-academic, fine and gross motor skills.  Goals are continually modified, moving children up the developmental ladder to achieve integration and functional success of skills in the child’s most natural environment.  Our teacher to child ratio is 1:3 with a maximum capacity of six children per group.

TheraPlay revolves around a consistent routine, including child-directed play time using focused language strategies, art, sensory exploration, gross motor movement, songs and snack time.  TheraPlay helps promote communication, language, motor and social-emotional development through playing, singing, and social interaction.  The group activities are based on themes such as animals, music, emotions, and seasons.  These activities are designed to be fun while building vocabulary, developing important concepts, and providing more opportunities for your child to talk with peers and caregivers.

This group is appropriate for children as a bridge for phasing out of individual therapy, as a prerequisite to individual sessions, and/or those children who will benefit from a small, structured group learning environment.


This group is designed to provide a stress-free feeding environment for children and their families with feeding difficulties. The group setting and predictable routine gives the benefit  learning through peer interaction.

Goals of this group include progressing between food textures, transitioning from the bottle to cup and/or straw, stabilizing oral sensitivity and decreasing oral defensiveness, expanding food palate and repertoire, increasing volume of intake and establishing a home program.

Although the emphasis of this program is on improving feeding abilities and enjoyment of meals, other developmental areas are addressed including social-emotional,  communication, and fine motor.

Time for School!

This group is aimed at children entering transitional kindergarten (TK) or kindergarten (K). We work on literacy, math and fine motor skills while targeting social expectations. Kindergarten teachers are reporting that their students have the academic skills needed for kindergarten life but many lack the social-emotional components. Let us help!

We will focus on  self-control, attention and work ethics specifically,  demonstrating  self-control, listening attentively to other children and to the teacher, paying attention to story being read,  following directions in group settings,  following school and class rules, staying on task, completing work on time, ability to work independently and taking care of personal and school materials.

Groups may be funded by Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC) for children under age three and various insurance plans.