Using Games to Target Our Children’s Goals

Our speech therapists love the game Ice Cream Scoops of Fun!

Who it is geared towards: To play the game by the rules, it was developed for children ages 3+ but it can be adapted to meet any skill level.

How to Play: Players evenly divide and display Ice Cream Sunday cups picturing 3 flavors of ice cream and various toppings. Place a group of ice cream cards in the middle. The players take turns spinning the scoop, taking an ice cream card, then looking at the ice cream that matches the color of the scoop spinner. Whichever player has the Ice Cream Sunday cup with the matching flavor just spun and toppings, gets to put the ice cream card in his bowl. Continue play until all the ice cream cards are taken.

How to Win:  The object of the game is to be the player with the most ice cream in their bowl when all the ice cream cards are gone from the middle pile.

What you can target with this game: This is a fun game that you can use to target a variety of skills including sequencing, following directions, matching, vocabulary, turn taking, articulation, multi-syllabic words, and visual discrimination.

o   For example, I like to use this game to target /s/ blends. You can target “scoop,” “spin,” “sprinkles,” and “strawberries.”

o   To target following directions, you can ask the child to “spin the scoop, pick up a card, and find the match.”

o   Concepts you can target: Same, different, match

o   Vocabulary words you can target: flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry), toppings (sprinkles, blueberries, nuts, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, M&Ms, bananas, sauce), ice cream scoop, plates, bowls, etc.

The possibilities are endless and who doesn’t love talking about ice cream!?

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