Fitness Challenge Celebration

This is what happens when a team of San Francisco speech language pathologists decide to have some fun-spirited competition to get our bodies moving some more.  We divided into two teams (Team A and Team B) by drawing names from hat.  We decided that for every 10 minutes of mindful movement that would equal one point and we defined mindful movement as active walking, hiking, group classes, weight training, etc.

It became very clear that we have a very active team and that we have a few team members who are very competitive (read: Jennifer and Michelle). The challenge lasted a month and in the end we decided that we were all winners. We decided it was only right to celebrate with a night out at 18 Reasons, an amazing cooking school in San Francisco. Their team was amazing taking us from start to finish – cutting, slicing, dicing, cooking, plating of of course, eating.

Our menu included: Gujarati-style Long Cooked Green Beans, Zucchini Fritters, Moroccan Tomato Jam, Bulgogi Two Ways and Sake Sabayon (Zabaglione…) with Poached Fruit.