Scheduling with Us!

  1. All new client inquiries must start by completing the New Client Request below. Incomplete forms may result in delays in our response time.
  2. Expect a Call or Email within Three Business Days to give us time to review your request and provide you with the following:
    • A Good Faith Payment Estimate. We will provide you with a good faith payment estimate, giving you a clear understanding of the expected costs associated with your child’s evaluation or therapy sessions.
    • If we have openings,  we will share options with you.


If we do NOT have openings:

  1. You will be placed on our evaluation waitlist.
  2. Be on the lookout for an email with an invitation to schedule an appointment via a Calendly link.  These are emailed monthly and you will be notified in advance so you can keep an eye out for them.
  3. Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive TWO emails from our office — Docusign containing our financial policies and an Appointment Confirmation with Client Portal Registration Instructions.

Are you referring on behalf
of a child?

Are you referring on behalf
of yourself or another adult?


  • When? Evaluations are scheduled in the morning or early afternoon.
  • How long? Evaluations last approximately one hour. Some assessments require two visits.
  • An assessment does not guarantee a spot for ongoing therapy.
  • Last-Minute Openings: Occasionally, we have last-minute cancellations that result in unexpected availability for evaluations. If such an opening arises and aligns with your schedule, we will reach out to you promptly to offer the opportunity to schedule your evaluation sooner.
  • Immediate Spots for Critical Feeding Visits: For critical feeding visits, we maintain reserved immediate spots to ensure timely support for children with urgent needs.


We understand that your time is valuable and transparency is key. This page is updated weekly to provide you with the latest details on our therapy availability. If you have a current assessment (less than 6 months old) and are seeking ongoing therapy, you may be able to skip an assessment with us.

  • Afterschool Openings: Unfortunately, we do not have any openings available for afterschool therapy sessions at this time.
  • Limited Early Afternoon and Late Morning Appointments: We have very limited capacity for early afternoon and late morning therapy appointments.

We are in-network/contracted with:

  • Blue Shield of California (including Covered California)
  • Hill Physician Medical Group
  • Brown & Toland Medical Group
  • SutterSelect
  • Golden Gate Regional Center