Welcome Dr. Tina Gabby

The Jennifer Katz, Inc (JKI) team was pleased to welcome Dr. Tina Gabby, a well respected behavioral and developmental pediatrician in the Bay Area. Dr. Gabby focuses on infants, pre-school, and early school aged children and has a special interest in international adoption. She spoke with our team about her assessment process and referrals. Dr. Gaby currently works in private practice in Corte Madera.

Dr. Gabby stressed that the purpose of the assessment is to identify strengths and weakness of the child and identify ways to best support that child. The therapists here at JKI couldn’t agree more! Providing a diagnosis is purposeful in helping us know how to best support the child. Common diagnoses provided by Dr. Gaby include autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The assessment process consists of the following:

  • Family Interview
    • An initial interview is conducted to obtain information and review any prior reports
  • Child Meeting
    • The child is seen for developmental assessment
  • Family Review
    • A sit down with the family takes place to review impressions and recommendations
  • Report

This process typically is done over three or four visits. Dr. Gabby works closely with speech therapists both as a referral source, but also as an information source for the assessment.  The speech therapists here at JKI prioritize collaboration and see behavioral and developmental pediatricians, such as Dr. Gabby, as a rich resource!  We are so grateful to have had Dr. Gabby share her knowledge and describe her assessment process, so we can know how to best support each other as professionals.

You can find out additional information here: http://tinagabbymd.com/