Additional Services

Speech and Language Screenings

Jennifer Katz, Inc. has been providing speech and language screenings for San Francisco Bay Area preschools and schools for over fifteen years. Our screening program was started as “May is Better Speech Language Hearing Month” and has grown over the years to include the following schools: Convent of the Sacred Heart, Cathedral School for Boys, Marin Preparatory School, French-American International School, Chinese American International, La Scuola International School, Marin Day Schools, The Little School, Calvary Nursery School, Sweat Peas, Golden Gate Guppies, and Eureka Learning Center.

A speech and language screening typically lasts 15-20 minutes and is used to determine if a more comprehensive assessment/evaluation is indicated. Our screening tools are made up of a combination of standardized and informal measures. We assess articulation (speech sounds), expressive language (grammar, vocabulary, sentence length, sentence type), receptive language (associations, following directions), auditory memory,  fluency, and pragmatics (social language).

Following each screening, schools and families will receive a short report summarizing the results.  If the screening results suggest that your child may be having difficulties in speech and/or language, we will assist you with appropriate follow-up options.

The importance, educationally and socially, of early identification and treatment of speech and language delays is well recognized and cannot be emphasized too strongly.


We offer a wide array of topics to meet your needs. Each session will provide a dynamic presentation on your topic of choice with practical applications, materials, and hand-outs provided.

We have spoken to groups with as few as five participants and as many as 80 people in attendance.

Recent lectures have included:

  • Pediatricians, Orthodontists, Dentists Offices
  • Preschool and Elementary Schools
  • Parent Groups

Past topics include:

  • Using Everyday Routines for Language Stimulation, Speech and Language Development, Birth – Five
  • How, Why, Who, What & When of Promoting Language in the Classroom
  • Is Your Child a Picky or Problem Eater?
  • Modeling Speech and Language for Children Who Stutter
  • Typical Speech – Language Development and Red Flags for Referrals

“Jennifer Katz and her team have been screening our kindergarteners for any speech and language concerns since 2013. They are extremely professional and efficient. Our teachers and parents are pleased with the process and the results. We will continue to work with Jennifer and team.”

—Grace Huang, Learning Specialist at Chinese American International School

“Jennifer Katz, Inc. is a great resource for the teachers and parents in our school community. Their team presented a very informative and engaging talk on the typical speech and language milestones for preschool children to our staff at a recent professional development day. The material was insightful and useful for all our teachers and they all came away with strategies they could use to help the children in their classes.

—Deborah Anaya, director of Calvary Nursery School

“Jennifer Katz and her staff are extremely knowledgeable about feeding therapy. They were kind enough to come educate us more on the topic and review some red flags of when to worry. These tips have been extremely helpful in identifying patients that need more support.”

– Nicole Glynn, MD, GetzWell Pediatrics