Speech and Language Therapy

Our goal for each therapy session is to create a safe, fun and engaging environment where children enjoy learning.

We often hear from parents, “but aren’t you just playing” (particularly in early intervention/preschool aged children). Yes, we sometimes will play with your child, but that play is very deliberate and planned and even though you may not notice it at first, we are using many “tools” in our tool box (methods/strategies) to help your child expand his/her speech and language skills. I promise you, we are not really “just playing.” Play is how children LEARN, which is why we use PLAY in our therapy as much as possible. Flashcards are useful when children are working on articulation practice, but beyond that, you shouldn’t see too many of them in your child’s therapy.

Regarding the use of “games” with older children, we also often set up our lessons in game formats so that your child stays motivated. Changing speech and language behaviors and learning these new skills can be hard and often the use of games (used correctly!) enhance and promote learning and progress. We are not *just* playing games.