Beyond the Therapy Room

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice-Cream

Last Friday, our amazing team decided it was time to put the articulation cards and story grammar books aside while we went on a field trip to the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC).  The MOIC recently opened in San Francisco and tickets sold out within minutes. The Museum is an interactive experience complete with a brief history of ice-cream (did you know that Barack Obama worked at Baskin Robbins), ring-toss, scratch and sniff-wallpaper, a rainbow unicorn to ride, a life side, willy wonka-esque gummy bear garden, climbing wall, and of course a four-foot sprinkle pool (complete with pool toys and … Continue reading

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Welcoming Dr. Neal Rojas, MD

Recently the speech therapists at Jennifer Katz, Inc. discussed how helpful it would be to hear from a developmental pediatrician to help answer some of the the following questions: Clarification between developmental and regular pediatrician? In addition to Autism, what do developmental pediatricians diagnose? What does a typical assessment look like? Advice on how to refer and/or what diagnosis do they look at  (in addition to ASD) Differential referrals (psych vs neuro vs psycho ed) When to refer? What is to be gained in eval for a family who is already getting therapies (what added value?) Cost considerations? Dr. Neal … Continue reading

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Fitness Challenge Celebration – May 2017

This is what happens when a team of San Francisco speech language pathologists decide to have some fun-spirited competition to get our bodies moving some more.  We divided into two teams (Team A and Team B) by drawing names from hat. Team A consisted of Kimberley, Allison, Lisa P, Pha Pha, Eileen, Rachel, Laura and Claire and Team B included Casey, Laurel, Michelle, Robyn, Hillary, Lisa C, Kim N and Jennifer. We decided that for every 10 minutes of mindful movement that would equal one point and we defined mindful movement as active walking, hiking, group classes, weight training, etc. It … Continue reading

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Holiday Party – December 2016

  Every year we make time around the holidays to spend some time together – drink a few drinks, eat good food and laugh with each other. This year we had the pleasure of making our own natural perfumes in a class led by Jessica Hannah. We learned about all of the different scents and which scents work well together (as well as which scents do not).  In this workshop we learned about base notes (Sandalwood, Vetiver,Benzoin, Frankincense), middle notes (Lavender, jasmine, Clary Sage, Clove, Rose) and top notes (Bergamot, Cedarwood, Pink Grapefruit, Douglas Fir, Black Pepper. Each of us … Continue reading

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Reflective Practices and Halloween – October 2016

  Today, Halloween, our speech language pathologists completed an eight-week series on Reflective Practices, presented by Chad Kordt-Thomas, LCSW. This was a powerful and incredible series that left us feeling empowered. Working closely with children and their families brings professionals into intimate relationships.  As pediatric speech therapists we must possess  a wide range of skills to make enduring positive change.  Working with children almost always includes working with parents, whether that is our focus or not.  However, supporting families through the child-parent relationship helps us get the most out of our interventions. This series gave us an opportunity to step … Continue reading

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Stinson Beach Day – August 2016

  Every year in August, while the rest of the country is enjoying the hot summer sun, we are shivering in San Francisco.  It’s cold, grey and just plain yuck. To make us feel like we are actually in summer we decided to spend the day at Stinson Beach. A San Francisco beach day still means gray and chilly but when surrounded by sea and sand everything feels better! And, we even got some blue skies today! Thanks to Emily we learned about Molkky, a super fun lawn game. Such a fun day and always fun to spend time with … Continue reading

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Client Appreciation Party

We had such a fun day celebrating our clients! Our amazing team of speech therapists joined forces  Gateway Learning Group, San Francisco’s incredible team of ABA specialists.  What an amazing turnout – we collected over 150 books and stuffed animals for Project Night Night. Elsa showed up to paint faces, we rocked out with Allison Faith Levy Band and ate delicious food from Tacolicious.  Today was just a small token of our appreciation to our dedicated families. It was fun to see the children’s reactions when they saw us outside the therapy room.  Thanks to all who took part in today’s … Continue reading

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Pediatric Voice Disorders

As kids develop, they learn to use appropriate behaviors at school and at home. Teachers and parents focus on shaping behaviors that encourage children to make healthy and safe choices and develop positive social skills with their peers and adults. Many children who receive speech therapy in school or in a clinical setting, like our San Francisco practice, require assistance in learning how to use their voice properly. According to research, the percentage of children with voice disorders is approximately 6 to 9% (Boone 2014). While some voice disorders are inherited genetically or result from natural or medical causes, most … Continue reading

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This winter season, Concussion starring Will Smith was an enlightening and influential film. Based on the true story of Dr. Bennet Omalu who studied repeated sports head injuries in professional football players, the movie brought into light some effects of brain trauma on the human brain. Although the film focuses on brain trauma in adults, it serves as a reminder that children and parents should understand the importance of preventing such incidents in young athletes. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Emergency Department Visit rate of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in 5-14 year-olds has … Continue reading

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Magic in Numbers

We are all familiar with the face children (and some adults) make when trying new foods. One can get lost in the hours of Youtube footage on “baby’s first tastes,” and each video portrays a look of confusion or even disgust. However, despite these initial reactions, most of those babies then go on to happily anticipate these new foods. This should be a lesson to all of us. During feeding therapy, parents frequently state that their child does not like x or y food. When asked how many times they have tried to give that food to their child, the … Continue reading

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