UCSF Residency Partnership

Jennifer Katz, Inc. is proud to partner with UCSF’s Development and Behavior/ Physicians in the Community residency program. Several residents observed our therapists to see what speech and language pathologists do first-hand and discuss how we collaborate with pediatricians to provide a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

The UCSF DB/PIC rotation is a Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital program primarily designed for 2nd year UCSF/ZSFG residents and is made up of two overlapping rotations, according to Medical Education Coordinator, Michael Berlin.  The first is a developmental/behavioral (DB) rotation that lasts 4 weeks and includes many experiences throughout San Francisco and the Bay area related to helping children with cognitive/behavioral difficulties and may include autism, hearing and speech challenges, psychosis, chronic pain, epilepsy, Rett syndrome, and other bio-behavioral conditions.  The overlapping Physicians in the Community (PIC) rotation along with the DB rotation consists of a 6-week rotation that includes a project/presentation at the end.

One such resident, Howard Chao, told us more about himself! He was born and raised in Texas and went to medical school at UT Southwestern in Dallas. Howard has been in San Francisco for 1 ½ years doing his residency at UCSF. The residency program is a total of 3 years so he was happy to be halfway through! Howard chose pediatrics because in medical school he realized he liked working with kids more than adults and wanted a field that would still be fun in 30 years. We agree with Howard- there is nothing more fun than working with kids! He is also thinking about specializing in neonatology but is undecided at the moment because that would mean 3 more years of school after residency. Howard also prefers the west coast so we hope we get to collaborate with him in the future!

Best of luck to all the residents and thank you for you working with us!