Welcoming Dr. Neal Rojas, MD

Recently the speech therapists at Jennifer Katz, Inc. discussed how helpful it would be to hear from a developmental pediatrician to help answer some of the the following questions:

  • Clarification between developmental and regular pediatrician?
  • In addition to Autism, what do developmental pediatricians diagnose?
  • What does a typical assessment look like?
  • Advice on how to refer and/or what diagnosis do they look at  (in addition to ASD)
  • Differential referrals (psych vs neuro vs psycho ed)
  • When to refer?
  • What is to be gained in eval for a family who is already getting therapies (what added value?)
  • Cost considerations?

Dr. Neal Rojas, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician from UCSF graciously came to speak to our team this week.  He presented an overview of his role and then answered all of our questions with clarity and humor.

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