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Speech Therapy Insurance – Glossary

Insurance is tricky and speech therapy insurance is even trickier. Not only is every insurance different but every plan within each insurance varies.  The only consistent thing about insurance is the inconsistency. Each insurance plan is unique. Some insurance plans offer unlimited coverage for speech therapy services. Others allow for 12 visits per calendar year and some have zero allowances for speech therapy. Certain insurance companies only cover speech therapy when it’s related to a medical diagnosis (hearing loss, syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, etc) while others approve regardless of medical conditions. At our speech therapy practice, we do all of … Continue reading

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Speech Therapy – To Recommend Services or Not?

I have the pleasure of collaborating with many preschools and schools in San Francisco and, at several of these schools our speech therapy practice provides on-site screenings. A screening is a brief tool that is used to indicate if a further speech and language assessment is indicated. Sometimes, we note articulation errors but do NOT recommend immediate follow-up. Parents are often confused about this. Why, if the child has articulation errors, are you not recommending therapy? Here is why: Dear Parents, Many of you may be wondering how a child can pass the screening evaluation when he or she consistently … Continue reading

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Language – all day, every day!

As children learn, everything and every person in their environment is continuously influencing them. One way to think about language learning is to picture kids as little scientists, constantly experimenting with how the world reacts to their sounds, words, sentences, and stories. There are endless opportunities for parents to encourage their kids to grow every day! Many strategies that we use when talking to babies and children come naturally, but this outline from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) lists some wonderful and simple strategies that can encourage expressive language development. Here are a few of the main concepts they suggest: … Continue reading

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