Speech and Language Lectures

Speech and Language Lectures

We offer a wide array of lecture topics for various events and training’s. Each presentation can be customized to fit your needs. Sessions can be scheduled starting from one hour to full- day. Each session will provide a dynamic presentation on your topic of interest with practical application, materials, and hand-outs provided.

We have spoken to groups with as few as five participants and as many as 80 people in attendance.  Past participants include:

  • Pediatricians, orthodontists, dentists
  • Teachers, learning specialists
  • Parents/Caregivers

Past topics include:

Using Everyday Routines for Language Stimulation, Speech and Language Development, Birth – Five,

How, Why, Who, What & When of Promoting Language in the Classroom,

Is Your Child a Picky or Problem Eater?

Modeling Speech and Language for Children Who Stutter

Typical Speech – Language Development and Red Flags for Referrals